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IMPORTANT - Coronavirus Covid 19

During the current crisis we have suspended all operations until it is safe to resume.

If anyone has any problems or queries we are on hand to help, by email or phone.

For questions by email, send to: benlongfalconry@aol.com

or you can call on 07970 038169

Stay safe, and we will be operating normally as soon as we can.

We hold 3-day Beginner Courses on fixed dates on almost every month of the year, and represent we believe the most comprehensive beginner course anywhere. We have had many keen beginners over the years from all parts of the globe, including Australia, North and South America, the Middle East and many European countries. If you would like to enrol on one of these courses, the cost will be reduced to £250.00, rather than the usual £380.00.  If you are booking two people on the course, the cost is further reduced to £450.00 for the two students.To ensure that there is a good tutor/student ratio, we will ensure that student numbers on each course are quite small, so book early.

The next of these courses will be:

April 21/22/23 (subject to current restrictions)

May 12/13/14 (subject to current restrictions)

June 16/17/8

July 7/8/9

August 18/19/20

September 15/16/17

October 13/14/15

November 10/11/12

Any tuition undertaken will count towards achieving the Raptor Award, the only nationally-recognised falconry qualifications. If you are interested, please email us on  benlongfalconry@aol.com


Some of our 2020 falconry displays:

Thame Country Show 30/31 August

Sandringham Game and Country Fair  12/13 September

The Game Fair, Ragley Hall 18/19/20 September

Wiltshire Game and Country Fair, Bowood House  26/27 September

Sandringham Craft and Wood Festival  3/4 October

Hampshire Country Fair, Netley Marsh, Southampton 10/11 October

Hyde End Craft Festival 17/18 October




The Falconry School 

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The Falconry School for Falconry Experience Days, Falconry Courses and Displays
About The Falconry School

Luke 7 years old with Ben Long of The Falconry SchoolThe Falconry School is a small establishment dedicated to showing best practises in how to care for, handle and fly birds of prey, for the purposes of falconry. It has an enviable reputation, and students have come from all over the world to learn about the training and management of birds of prey. Much of our tuition is on a one-to-one basis, enabling students to get the maximum value from their course or coaching.

The Falconry School is not a centre which is open to casual visitors. Often such falconry/bird of prey centres provide courses or a Falconry Experience day as an add-on to their usual activities, but these are our PRIMARY activities. 

Falconry may be defined as the use of trained raptors for hunting, but it is quite possible to keep and fly birds of prey without hunting with them. The important word is "fly", and everything that falconry is about is the flight, and all our careful management, handling and training leads to this ultimate purpose.

Falconry Courses


The two- and three-day course is specifically for anyone who feels that they may want to go on to own and fly their own raptor.

We find that certain individuals want to find out in advance whether they have sufficient commitment, and whether they want to go on and have further tuition. This course will give you the best preparation for how to embark in the art of falconry.

Raptor Awards Beginning Falconry

Raptor awards e

This award gives beginners or more experienced falconers a real qualification in their chosen pastime or profession. Raptor Awards is the only accrediting body specifically for the bird of prey industry.

Currently, the Award is both for non-professional falconers, and for anyone wishing to make a career or volunteering to work with raptors, such as in centres, zoos and for bird control operatives. It is often a mandatory requirement for candidates for such positions. However, Raptor Awards is currently developing new courses for professionals in the falconry world, such as breeders, bird control operatives, display givers etc.

Falconry Photography Day

The most recent addition to our list of activities and events is the photography day. This day is centred on providing exceptional photo opportunities of our flying team of birds as well as being an educational and interesting experience. Regardless of how much previous photography experience you have, you are assured some brilliant opportunities and hopefully some brilliant images too!

Falconry Experience Days


The most popular, this is the one-day or half-day introduction to falconry. They are very informal, and designed to give a fun day for those who just want that, while still being educational.

Groups are usually small, often 4-5 participants, with a few spectators. Spectators are welcome – you will need someone to take photos!

Falconry Displays, Corp. Events, Film &TV

Van-The-Falconry-SchoolMost people have seen bird-of-prey demonstration, but ours are somewhat different. Firstly, as the name implies, we use a team mostly comprising experienced falcons. These are the most exciting of all the raptor families and the most dashing of the falcons is the peregrine, which is rarely seen in public displays.This is officially the world's fastest living creature, which can attain speeds of well over 200 mph in a "stoop" or dive. 

Coaching / Troubleshooting

(from £90.00 per day, including lunch)

Maybe you already have your own hawk or falcon, and have some difficulties. Come and get some help! Don’t be shy – your bird is going to be with you for the next 10 to 20 years, so why not do things correctly at the beginning? We can assess your problems and provide remedies and give an effective plan of progression.




Beginner Falconry Courses

  • Falconry Experience Days, from £80
  • Raptor Award Beginners Course, from £110
  • Introduction to Longwings, from £120

Professional Falconry Courses

  • Falconry Specialist Courses, from £120
  • Professional Raptor Training, from £12 per day
  • Coaching Sessions, from £90 per day
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