Film & TV Work

In the video above you’ll see our very own gyr/saker hybrid bird called “Wellington” in action on the Vanquis ad.

The Falconry School can give advice about raptors on film, and help to provide suitable and authentic birds of prey as the customer requires.

So often we see the wrong birds in a film, such as a New World species in a medieval period drama. Not only that, but the birds are in poor condition, with broken feathers and overgrown beaks, showing that the “falconer” who provided them has neither the care nor the skill to show them in perfect condition.

We can show you the proper birds of prey, in their proper condition, and we can fly them properly as well!

We will be happy to hear from you for further details and to discuss your film & video requirements.

Below some examples of our work, as well as the video on top of this page.