How much will it cost to set myself up properly, and what equipment will I need?

The cost of your first bird will often be the least of the expenses. Accommodation for your hawk could cost anything from a few hundred pounds upwards if you have to build something. You may be able to convert an existing building, which could be less expensive.  You will need about £500’s worth of equipment (everything that goes on the bird, plus scales, perch, bath, glove, etc.), PLUS a tracking system, which will cost new about £700. Second hand systems can be found, but take advice from us before buying, as there are some poor systems around. All of these things will last a very long time if they are of good quality. Top quality falconry equipment can be found at

Buying cheap things can, and often do, result in the loss or death of a hawk. Flying any bird of prey without radiotracking or GPS is stupid and irresponsible.

Sometimes you can be given or lent a hawk by a friend. The commonest “beginner birds” will be something like £200-400 when you buy them from a breeder.