How do I start falconry?

You can:

  • read as many falconry books as you can. These must be proper reference books that show how to house, train, feed and fly a bird of prey used in falconry. Not story books. Older books (before the 1970s/80s) will often not give much tuition, but will give a real flavour of the sport and its traditional skills and techniques.
  • avoid anything written on the internet. Some of it is good, but most of it is bad and misleading advice.
  • find a local falconer who will take you out and show you his hawk flying, but REMEMBER that person is not necessarily an expert, and information you may receive could be harmful or misleading.
  • come to us on a beginner course.
  • make sure you are fully prepared, with knowledge, proper housing, good equipment, a source of proper food, and somewhere to fly your hawk.