How do I get land to fly my hawk on?

You may have some experience of field sports and already have land to fly on, but if not remember in the UK, there is no land you can fly a hawk on without permission from a landowner, the owner of the sporting rights, or perhaps a local council. The way to obtain land to fly on is to ask local farmers, which may be a long process and will involve plenty of rejections. Of course, finding somewhere to fly a falcon at the RC prey and drones will be considerably easier, but hunting land is a different thing. If you can find somewhere to do your training it’s a start, and this can often lead to gaining permission to hunt things like rabbits. To hunt game (pheasants, duck, partridge, grouse etc.) you may well need to pay for the privilege, and even then it might be difficult to find as you will be in competition with those who shoot, where large sums of money are involved. If you are determined enough, you will find what you need.