Howard Gurd

A big thankyou to Ben.

I did the course at the end of June. Ben was kind enough to pick me up from the station on the first morning, and was my taxi service to my b&b for the 3 days. The course taught me so much, and it was  done at a nice relaxed pace, also the other 2 people, Pete and Lee were great as well. Flying all the different types of bird gave me a real insight into falconry, and the more technical side of things were dealt with at a pace that anyone could learn and take it all in.

Ben also put me in contact with a breeder, and I am now the more than proud owner of a female Harris Hawk called Genie who after just over 3 weeks of me training her is now flying free. Ben also came with me to pick up Genie, also I am in contact with Ben regularly to update him with my progress, and picking his brains if I need advice. I can’t stress enough what a big part Ben has played. Thoroughly excellent course.