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Falconry Specialist Courses

Get Our Specialist Training in Falconry/Raptor Management.

Some customers have a specific requirement for training in raptor management or falconry, which could enable them to look for a job as a professional falconer or start their own bird-control business. Even total beginners can be trained to a very high standard.

We can give, or arrange for, training for these very specialised fields. This may involve up to several weeks of intense tuition, and even on-the-job training with professionals, skilled in the various disciplines.


  • Bird control operatives 
  • Falconry display presenters 
  • Falconry centre or birds-of-prey centre workers or volunteers

Perhaps you would like to get the best start in a new business, or maybe you have an opportunity to become professionally involved in the world of falconry. If you would like to discuss the possibilities, please contact us below or phone on 01452 678631, or 07970 038169.

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Beginner Falconry Courses

  • Falconry Experience Days, from £80
  • Raptor Award Beginners Course, from £110
  • Introduction to Longwings, from £120

Professional Falconry Courses

  • Falconry Specialist Courses, from £120
  • Professional Raptor Training, from £12 per day
  • Coaching Sessions, from £90 per day
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