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Ben Long holds falconry courses, experience days and other tuition for both falconry beginners and the more experienced falconer. You couldn't find a better falconry school, and Ben will guarantee to save you the cost of your course, just by giving you the best information! the training sessions are very informal, and designed to give a fun day for those who just want that, while still being educational for anyone who feels they may want to go on and own a raptor.


(£115.00 per day)

Come on an Experience Day yourself - or you can give one as present! Just contact us to pay by phone, and the date of the Experience Day is entirely flexible. We can also send a brochure and a voucher made out to the recipient, who can then call us to arrange the date!

Our most popular course, the one/two day introduction to falconry. They are very informal, and designed to give a fun day for those who just want that, while still being educational he format of these short courses involves:

  • Background information, including some of the history of the sport
  • Basic feeding, training and management information
  • Flying of hawks and falcons



(£280.00 for two days, £380.00 for three days, up to £580.00 for five days)

The Induction course is specifically for anyone intending to go on to own and fly a raptor. We recommend two days as a minimum to decide whether to embark in the art of falconry. Courses are still very informal, but will have much more information to take in, including:

  • Background information, including the history of falconry, obtaining hawks, legal requirements, costs
  • Housing and equipment
  • Basics of training and management
  • Disease prevention
  • Plenty of hands-on experience, with particular emphasis on the preservation of feather condition, weighing and general secure handling
  • Flying. Hawks and falcons will be flown, as much as possible by the student

The three-day course will also include:

  • Further manning and training information
  • Practical radio-tracking
  • Outline of flying and hunting techniques

To complete the Raptor Award, beginners will generally require five days, which will include the assessment.





(£180.00 per day, £280.00 for two days)

A large amount of information about falcons. The recommended two-day courses include all topics as above, plus:

  • Hoods and hooding
  • Lure work
  • Flying the falcon to the kite or balloon
  • Hunting techniques



(from £90.00 per day)

Maybe you already have your own hawk or falcon, and have some difficulties. Come and get some help! Don’t be shy – your bird is going to be with you for the next 10 to 20 years, so why not do things correctly at the beginning? We can assess your problems and provide remedies and give an effective plan of progression.

Note: Group reductions are available on all Experience Days and courses if 2 or more book together!



Beginner Falconry Courses

  • Falconry Experience Days, from £80
  • Raptor Award Beginners Course, from £110
  • Introduction to Longwings, from £120

Professional Falconry Courses

  • Falconry Specialist Courses, from £120
  • Professional Raptor Training, from £12 per day
  • Coaching Sessions, from £90 per day
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