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The two- and three-day course is specifically for anyone who feels that they may want to go on to own and fly their own raptor.

We find that certain individuals want to find out in advance whether they have sufficient commitment, and whether they want to go on and have further tuition. This course will give you the best preparation for how to embark in the art of falconry.

Courses are very informal, but will have masses of information, including:

  • Background information, including the history of falconry, obtaining hawks, legal requirements, costs
  • Housing and equipment
  • Basics of training and management
  • Food and feeding
  • Disease prevention

You will also have:

  • Plenty of hands-on experience, with particular emphasis on the preservation of feather condition, weighing and general secure handling
  • Flying. Hawks and falcons will be flown, as much as possible by the client

The three-day course will also include:

  • Further manning and training information
  • Practical radio-tracking
  • Outline of flying and hunting techniques

You may also use these days towards completing the tuition for the RAPTOR AWARD
– The only nationally-recognised falconry/raptor management qualification!


  • The 2-day Falconry School Course £280 
  • The 3-day Falconry School Course £380 
  • If you are booking for more than one participant, we will give a discount

You can book now on line, and the date of the course can be arranged later, or you can call now and secure a date

Don't forget-we provide unlimited advice, for an unlimited time, to anyone who has attended a course at The Falconry School.

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Beginner Falconry Courses

  • Falconry Experience Days, from £80
  • Raptor Award Beginners Course, from £110
  • Introduction to Longwings, from £120

Professional Falconry Courses

  • Falconry Specialist Courses, from £120
  • Professional Raptor Training, from £12 per day
  • Coaching Sessions, from £90 per day
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