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Fixed Date Beginner Course March

Some customers have a specific requirement for training in raptor management or falconry, which could enable them to look for a job as a professional falconer or start their own bird-control business. Even total beginners can be trained to a very high standard.
Book a Falconry Specialist Course!Falconry Specialist Courses
Save £80 on our Beginner Falconry Courses - or £160 if booking in pairs.

Our fixed date beginner courses offer the best savings, with a choice of dates in March, May, June, July & August. Student numbers will not exceed 5.  

The course will cover:

  • History and background of falconry
  • Sourcing, collecting and transporting the domestically-bred raptor
  • Correct accommodation for raptors
  • Use and maintenance of equipment
  • General good handling practice
  • Maintaining the raptor’s condition, health and disease
  • Outline of manning and training
  • Nutrition
  • Flying hawks and falcons
  • Hunting theory
  • Practical radio tracking

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