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About The Falconry School

Luke 7 years old with Ben Long of The Falconry SchoolThe Falconry School is a small establishment dedicated to showing best practises in how to care for, handle and fly birds of prey, for the purposes of falconry. It has an enviable reputation, and students have come from all over the world to learn about the training and management of birds of prey. Much of our tuition is on a one-to-one basis, enabling students to get the maximum value from their course or coaching.

The Falconry School is not a centre which is open to casual visitors. Often such falconry/bird of prey centres provide courses or a Falconry Experience day as an add-on to their usual activities, but these are our PRIMARY activities. 

Falconry may be defined as the use of trained raptors for hunting, but it is quite possible to keep and fly birds of prey without hunting with them. The important word is "fly", and everything that falconry is about is the flight, and all our careful management, handling and training leads to this ultimate purpose.

Therefore, at The Falconry School, participants, students and spectators will NOT see dozens of these superb creatures locked in cages, as may be found in a zoo or bird of prey centre. Instead, you will see a relatively small number of falcons, hawks and owls, kept in readiness for free flight every day, in the peak of condition. As such, this is more similar to the way a private falconer would hope to maintain their own hunting raptors.


Beginner Falconry Courses

  • Falconry Experience Days, from £80
  • Raptor Award Beginners Course, from £110
  • Introduction to Longwings, from £120

Professional Falconry Courses

  • Falconry Specialist Courses, from £120
  • Professional Raptor Training, from £12 per day
  • Coaching Sessions, from £90 per day
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